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Our Mission

Study Association Asimov is the official study association that represents the Master degrees Robotics and Vehicle Engineering. The mission of Study Association Asimov is to connect the students, university, and the industry by means of creating social cohesion between students, informing students about careers at the industry or university, assisting the students in expanding their skillset, and developing education at the university.

What is the study programme we represent?

The MSc Robotics is a stand-alone Master degree and situated at the intersection of mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence. The Robotics Engineer will supervise the transition towards further robotisation of society. He/she masters a variety of mechanical engineering and computer science disciplines: mechatronics, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, control, human-machine systems, ethics, and security. Additionally, the engineer can solve complex and multi-functional robot problems, is a critical thinker beyond cultural boundaries, has a can-do mentality, and understands privacy, security, and ethical aspects of working with robots in human environments.

Vehicle Engineering is a master track in the Mechanical Engineering programme. The development of automated, intelligent vehicles and electrification of powertrains and other components is transforming our future mobility. As a vehicle engineer, you are in the midst of this transformation. How will our transportation look like?

Why do we need partners?

In order to develop the future of Robotics and mobility, cooperation between the university and relevant companies is of great importance. The industry provides practical knowledge to apply academic research. By participating in our events, and by providing internships and graduation assignments, firms get in contact with highly skilled students that are eager to kickstart their careers.

core values

Educational development

By closely cooperating with students and university we contribute to an improvement of educational quality.


Organize events of all sorts to enhance the social cohesion between students themselves, as well as between students, university and industry.


Be the go-to association for students and university when it comes down to questions about education, career and mental well-being.

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