In order to further develop the technology of robotics and the interaction between humans and robots, cooperation between the industry and robotics research is of great importance. The industry provides practical knowledge to apply in academic research. By participating in our events, and by providing internships and graduation assignments, firms can get in contact with highly skilled students that are eager to kick-start their career in a Robotics, technology driven, or even a more business-oriented, consulting company.

The Asimov board has great collaboration with the TU Delft on many levels. Asimov helps to connect the students of Robotics and Vehicle Engineering to the academic world provided by the TU Delft. This takes shape in the form of lunch lectures, feedback sessions to improve education quality and network sessions. The TU Delft provides us with a great platform to enhance the study experience of all students.

Prodrive technologies create technologies that are essential links in the systems which form the basis for todays and tomorrow’s world. Their technology, for instance, improves the quality of medical imaging, which allows for diagnostics that recognize diseases earlier and more accurately. Their technologies also contribute to reducing the global dependency on fossil fuels and to minimizing human exposure to air pollution. Another example is the contribution of our technologies to global digitalization, which lowers barriers for people in third world countries wishing to access the information and education that are essential for their welfare.

ASML is changing the world, one nanometer at a time! We’re a high-tech, Netherlands-based company manufacturing complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits – aka microchips. Our machines help create the electronics you use in your daily life. In the past three decades, we have grown from a startup to a multinational company with over 60 locations globally and annual net sales of €21 billion in 2022.

ASML is changing the world, one nanometer at a time! We’re a high-tech, Netherlands-based company manufacturing complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits – aka microchips.

Our machines help create the electronics you use in your daily life. In the past three decades, we have grown from a startup to a multinational company with over 60 locations globally and annual net sales of €21 billion in 2022.

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At Lely, they believe in achieving a sustainable, profitable and agreeable future for dairy farmers by combining robotisation, engineering and farming expertise. It started with two brothers in Maassluis 70 years ago. Since then, Lely has become an innovative market leader in automated systems for dairy farmers worldwide. Over 1,600 professional specialists work constantly to bring about revolutionary solutions for the agro industry at our sustainable Maassluis Campus.

Picnic is an online supermarket that delivers all your groceries to your home for free. In the Picnic app you will find exactly the same groceries as in the supermarket, but for the lowest price.

Motional has been revolutionizing driverless technology for decades. Our DNA — a joint venture between automotive technology expert Aptiv and vehicle manufacturing leader Hyundai Motor Group — uniquely positions us to fundamentally change the way the world moves. We harness deep industry experience in our mission to develop and deploy driverless technology. Motional works closely with public and private partners to pair advanced technology with a viable path to commercialization. We have begun fully driverless operations on public roads and we’re more tightly integrated with the ride-hail industry than anyone else.

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