Robotics Committee

The goal of the Robotics Committee is to improve the Robotics and Vehicle Engineering master by giving feedback to the Master’s organizers and the staff of CoR. By having weekly meetings with students, the CoR staff and the Quality Assurance department, the Committee continuously strives to improve the education of the Master for future students.


All general members together with the president of the Robotics Committee are responsible for the goal of improving the education. This will be done in a few ways;


·         A general survey at the end of the quarter, which can be found on brightspace, MS Teams and Whatsapp

·         The survey of Quality Assurance

·         Preparing meetings using the feedback provided by the students together with CoR staff

·         Meetings with CoR staff to discuss general feedback of the students

·         Feedback form on this website for feedback during the quarter


We are also frequently in contact with other students to ask them about their experiences and identify issues to address in the Robotics Committee meetings. The Robotics Committee consists of Kirsten Heyns, Timo van Frankenhuijzen, Coco Langens, Bram Benist and Levi Kieft (left to right on the picture).

We hope to improve the education of the master all together with you. You can always reach us on

Co-Creators of the Robotics Master

Looking at the picture above from left to right Joram van der Sluis, Rutger Dirks, Pepijn Grégoire, Lauren Ickenroth and Ario Maleek (not in picture) are the co-creators of the Robotics Master. They have started early 2019 with the idea of a new master course: The Master of Robotics.


By having frequent meetings with Linette Bossen from Quality Assurance of the Education Organisation of 3mE, interviews with professors and students, and by contributing feedback and ideas based on student experience, the Committee of Co-Creators shaped the content and structure of the Master of Robotics. For the official audit by the NVAO to approve the new Master, the Robotics Committee of Co-Creators submitted the following video in which they state why the Robotics Master is Unique, and why it is important that students have a say in the development of a Course at the University.

Feedback and Suggestions
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