Robotics is the new master of the Cognitive Robotics department. Robots are in high demand as the world around us is getting more automated. Robotics engineers will respond to this demand with knowledge on technology and societal and transferable skills. As Robotics engineer you are unique and ready to shape the world around you!

Master of Science in Robotics
The Robotics Master offers students a multidisciplinary education, allowing them to develop innovative and intelligent products and systems that meet today’s challenges. Students will acquire and apply broad knowledge on Robotics on the multidisciplinary intersection of mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence.

Focus on the interaction between humans and robots
How to integrate robots in daily life? This and many other problems are what the Robotics engineer will face. In this master, students gain insight in the different applications of robots and their environmental challenges. The TU Delft offers many platforms for application, such as autonomous vehicles, robot arms, medical robots and many more. The Robotics engineer will gain general knowledge of all the aspects in the first semester. In the second semester different courses that meet their interests can be chosen.

The Robotics master is not only focused on becoming a great engineer, but it also focuses on societal and transferable skills. Students will maintain a portfolio with what they have learned and they will receive support from their mentors. This will help the students to keep track of the development they make and gives them an advantage when applying for a job.

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months, full-time
Language of instruction: English
Enrolment of the Robotics MSc. is only once per year, in September

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Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Engineering is a master track in the Mechanical Engineering programme. The development of automated, intelligent vehicles and electrification of powertrains and other components is transforming our future mobility. As a vehicle engineer, you are in the midst of this transformation. How will our transportation look like?

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
The MSc. programme in Mechanical Engineering provides an in-depth understanding of mechanical engineering disciplines. The programme trains engineers to handle the entire process of innovative thinking, design, manufacturing and operation.

Specialised and applied to vehicles
The Vehicle Engineering track offers comprehensive education on the latest developments in automated driving, vehicle dynamics, vehicle construction and human factors. Students further specialise themselves in perception and modelling, dynamics and control, human factors or materials science.

Focus on automated and electric driving
All supervisors actively cooperate with the automotive industry, research institutes and other universities in national and international projects. This offers and excellent scope for internships and jobs in the automotive industry and research community.

Credits: 120 ECTS, 24 months, full-time
Language of instruction: English

Current academic year 2020 – 2021, will be the final application year for this specific master track of the MSc Mechanical Engineering (ME). From February onwards, registrations will no longer be allowed for this track.
Students starting the track ME – Vehicle Engineering in September 2020, will be able to finish the current programme of Vehicle Engineering until August 2023.

The maximum capacity for academic year 2020-2021 has been reached for international students.

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Asimov and Education

High-quality academic education is very important to us, as it helps us to excel at what we do. Therefore, Asimov aims to provide a link between the students and the university by collecting in-depth feedback and providing the course evaluation to the university through participation in meetings with the board of studies. Additionally, we aim to inform students about important news from the university and the industry. Changes in the study programme, individual courses, or new internship opportunities: all are highlighted in our periodic newsletter, on social media or on this website.


Department of Cogitive Robotics

The Department of Cognitive Robotics is one of the seven departments of the
faculty of 3mE.

The department of Cognitive Robotics focuses its research on:

The department currently hosts two Master programs:

Student FAQ’s

For questions regarding the admission to the MSc Robotics, please consult the FAQ site of Robotics here to see if your question is listed there. For Questions regarding education and career please consult our FAQ section.

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