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Here you will find more information on the upcoming Study Trip. In Juli 2024 Study Association Asimov is organising a study trip to Zurich. As many will know, Zurich is one of the great epicentres of robotics and we are super excited to visit this innovative region with a group of our students. We will visit inspiring companies, universities and institutions. There will also be enough time to have a lot of fun and do some sightseeing in the region. You will be able to find more information on the trip on this page. More information will become available soon. If you have any burning questions, please check the FAQ below. If your question is not in there you can contact us at: asimov.studytrip@gmail.com

Registrations for the Study Trip Zurich 2024 have closed!


Leave to Zurich at 21:00 from Utrecht Centraal

Arrive in Zurich in the Morning. You will have the rest of the day to explore the city.

We will visit 2 companies.

We will visit ANYbotics and the UZH perception group at ETH Zurich

We will visit The Robotic Fabrication Lab, where we will get a presentation from ABB and we will visit another company <TBD>.

We will travel by bus in the morning to go to the ARCHE event in Geneva where there will be demonstrations of robots the whole day.

You have the day of untill we will be at the train station of Zurich Central around 21:00 to leave to the Netherlands

Arrive at Utrecht Centraal early in the Morning.


People with a Dutch Passport do not need a visa.

Checkout this website if you need a VISA: https://www.swiss-visa.ch/ivis2/#/i210-select-country

In Zurich the Currency is Franc

1 CHF = 1.023442 EUR May 11, 2024 21:36 UTC

NO: Sadly your European Internet bundle does not work, so you would need to buy a bundle.

We will have wifi in the hotel.

It is always handy to have some local currency on hand during trips abroad. We recommend you to not have more than $50 on you at all times.

Travel Information

Leave from NL: 29th of June from Utrecht Centraal 21:00
Arrive in Zurich: 1th of July at Zurich Central Station around 8:00
Leave From Zurich: 5th of July at Zurich Central Station 21:00
Arrive in NL: 6th of July at Utrecht Central Station around 8:00

Hotel Location

Location: Maneggstrasse 41, 8041 Zürich, Zwitserland


The current cost estimation is €550,-. Please note that this is an approximation. This includes the train tickets, local transportation, accommodation, the company/university visits and planned breakfast. Any expenses outside of planned activities are for yourself. Think of drinks, snacks, dinner etc. during free time.

The current cost estimation can still change. Of course, we do our best to remain true to the initial cost estimate. If the costs turn out to be lower, we will reimburse you the difference after the trip.

After being selected you will pay €100 as deposit. This is non refundable if you cancel leading up to the trip. The rest of the payment will proceed in instalments. The first instalment of €250 is due May 31st, 2024. The second instalment will be due at the end of June.

To organise this trip, we need to make commitments and down payments in advance. By saying that you will participate in the trip, you are agreeing that we can take you into account for these. 

We cannot provide a cost estimate for your own activities during the trip as that is entirely up to personal preference. Do note that Zurich in general is a more expensive city than Delft.


Make sure to bring the following items:

    • Passport
    • Health insurance card/documents
    • Do you have a valid study visa for the Netherlands? Have that document with you at all times during the trip.

Asimov will not arrange any insurance for the participating students. Please make sure that you have health insurance valid in Zurich. Other insurances, such as travel insurance are also for your own account.

Email us at asimov.studytrip@gmail.com

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