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With Prodrive’s rapid growth, together with a high labor shortage, the need to further optimize and
automate our processes increases. One of the aspects is the internal transport and storage of bins by
an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR). Therefore, Prodrive designed its own AMR. New demands
require significant improvements & changes to this design.
The initial design of the AMR could only interface with active counterparts e.g. roller conveyors, but with
increasing volumes there is new demand to interface also with passive counterparts e.g. a storage rack,
making it an active-passive hybrid AMR. A first mechanically concept design has been made but in
terms of electronics, sensors and software more effort is required to complete this update. Due to the
extending arms to grab bins from passive storage racks, a more accurate alignment of the AMR to its
target is required. Multiple options such as a more accurate lidar, or a more intelligent docking procedure
need to be investigated.

The current state of the project is that a mechanical protoype of the extendings arms is ordered, which
will be retro-fitted to an existing AMR. In Q1 2023 this will be tested on a basic level. Later in 2023 the
goal is to improve the capabilities via changes to the electronics/sensors and software extension. This
will enable the use of small passive storage throughout the factory to minize (manual) transport and
improve the efficiency of the production facilities.

– Selection of new motors/drives & sensors
– Electronic system design with new motors/drives & sensors.
– Improve accuracy of the AMR alignment.
– Implement software changes for added system is a plus.

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