Junior Robotics Engineer

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Company general information

SenseGlove is a wearable force and haptic feedback glove. With advanced motion tracking for each hand joint, along with our patented force-feedback system – inspired by the human tendons system – enables the user to feel the stiffness and size of virtual objects. Every interaction using the Sense Glove renders a virtual reality to feel like a physical real-world environment. This translation is a game-changer in training, simulation and design tasks within VR and AR. Today, their product is used to increase the effectiveness of virtual training for clients like Volkswagen, Airbus, Scania, Honda, Cambridge University, TNO, Fraunhofer, Siemens, and many more.


We’re looking for a Junior Robotics Engineer for 36-40 hours a week. This is a great new role with a nice spread of responsibilities and cool projects to contribute to. Until now the SenseGlove products have mostly focused on applications in virtual reality. However, there is increasing interest in a SenseGlove product optimized for (tele)robotics applications. In this role you will take the lead in the development of such a specialized product with the support of our R&D team. You will improve our ROS implementation and developed new hardware features together with our CTO, CPO, Product Manager, and all other hardware and software talents. We already have developed a great basis, look here for an impression: https://bit.ly/3NPCnr1


For this position, you will have experience in hardware and software development for robotics, and you:

      • Have completed a technical MSc
      • Have developed robotic systems
      • Are familiar with ROS
      • Have experience in programming on embedded platforms such as Arduino or Teensy
      • Experience with SolidWorks
      • Love to improve continuously
      • Are energetic, and a true team player
      • Are fluent in the English language
      • Are up for an adventure
      • Reside in the Netherlands

To apply for this job please visit www.senseglove.com.